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Improve Your Residents' Quality Of Life

Partner with Vintage Solutions and revolutionize the living experience in your apartment complex. Offer Vintage Solutions' digitizing services to offer a unique solution to help your residents declutter and improve their quality of life.

Here's why offering Vintage Solutions digitizing services can greatly benefit your residents and enhance your apartment complex.

Declutter & Organize

Many residents struggle with limited storage space in their apartments. Your complex can now provide a convenient solution for residents. Our digitizing services transform physical items such as home movies, photos, documents, and artwork into digital formats, freeing up space and reducing clutter.

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Value-Added Service

Differentiate your apartment complex by offering a unique and valuable service to your residents. This sets you apart from competitors and enhances the overall living experience, attracting new tenants and increasing resident satisfaction and retention.

Space Optimization

By reducing physical clutter, and digitizing memories, residents can optimize their living spaces and create a more organized and visually appealing environment. This can lead to increased satisfaction and a sense of calm and tranquility within their apartments improving your residents quility of life.


Free Digital Marketing Assets

We understand that marketing can be expensive. That is why we provide digital marketing assets custom with YOUR logo.

Add digital marketing elemets to emails, complex website or even print them out and add them to your new resident welcome folder.

Convenience & Assessibility

With digitized memories, your residents can access their memories anytime, anywhere. Our user-friendly digital platforms allow residents to view and share their digitized items with family and friends, creating a seamless and convenient experience.


Additional Revuenue Stream


Digitizing Box Solutions 10%

Individual Digitizing Services 5%

Minimum Payout: $75

Hold Time: 30 Days

Payment Terms: Net30

Vintage Solutions offers an easy way to digitize and preserve family memorabilia while your residents are already unpacking their belongings.

Plus, an extra revenue stream for your complex.

VHS to Digital | Photo Gift Ideas | Convert VHS to Digital | Gifts Photo

Shoe Box

Up to 13"x10"x5" 

$295 + Tax

$29.50 Commission!

VHS to Digital | Photo Gift Ideas | Convert VHS to Digital | Gifts Photo

16qt Storage Tote

Up to 16"x11"x7"

$415 + Tax

$41.50 Commission!

VHS to Digital | Photo Gift Ideas | Convert VHS to Digital | Gifts Photo

File Box

Up to 24"x15"x10"

$635 + Tax

$63.50 Commission!

VHS to Digital | Photo Gift Ideas | Convert VHS to Digital | Gifts Photo

18 Gallon Tote

 Up to 23"x18"X14"

$1075 + Tax

$107.50 Commission!

The Fit&Scan! option is an all-in-one digitizing solution, taking the guesswork out of digitizing for your residents' family memories.

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