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  • Where do you ship to?
    At the moment, we only ship to the contiguous United States. Therefore, we do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Canada, or anywhere else outside of the contiguous US.
  • What if one of my items is blank, damaged, or cannot be converted?"
    It’s not uncommon for a tape to be blank, a film reel to be damaged, or for customers to send in items that we actually aren’t able to transfer. Luckily, we have a system set up for this! For all products EXCLUDING Fit&Scan Digitizing Boxes. Whenever an item cannot be converted for any reason, we are always happy to provide you with a credit for a future order.
  • How do I need to pack my photos?
    We want to make sure that processing your photos goes as smoothly as possible! If you would like your photos to stay in order, please organize your photos in an envelope or plastic zip top bag. Otherwise the photos may be please in the box with out any bags or envelopes. Note: we can process your photos if they arrive to us in sleeves, photo albums, carousels, or any other packaging outside of plastic baggies or envelopes. There will be a surcharge added for any photos in albums.
  • Will you restore, enhance, or improve my items in any way?"
    One of the challenges in quality conversion is that what you see isn't always as good. We want to make sure your digital media looks just like it should and we do so by transferring one thing at a time, making sure each item is perfect before moving on. If there are errors with any original items from when they were made, those mistakes will be preserved in the final product- which means your video might have some pixelation or sound distortion because of defects elsewhere! All bulk photo scans include free MINOR digitial correction. Extensive color correction, brightening, HD remastering, combining footage, or otherwise altering the composition of the original media can be completed for a fee. Otherwise, one-to-one transfer method will be used.
  • Can you convert my photos/slides/negatives in chronological order?
    Although we do our best to keep things in order, sometime during shipping there is movement in the box. As long as you place your photos in an envelope or zip top bag prior to sending in your box, in the order you would like them scanned, they’ll come back digitally organized. Once the photos have been loaded to the cloud, you will be able to download & edit your photos all you want in the comfort of your own home!
  • Which output option is included in my purchase?
    You’re getting these items converted and you obviously want to know what you’re getting back as a result, right? Standard Home movies: 720 8mm film:720 Photos, Slides, Film: 300DPI Available for purchase: Photos, Slides, Film: 600DPI, 1200DPI Media will stored on a free DVD set and online link via Google Drive service. USB Drives available for purchase.
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