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Provide an added value to your clients with no effort.

When clients come to you, they are looking for direction and advice. after all, purchasing or selling property is a major milestone in most people’s lives. 
Once your clients are packing up their belongings to prepare for their move, things they have not seen in years may be rediscovered such as photos and home movies. 

Unfortunately, photos, home movies and other cherished memories degrade over time erasing family history along the way.

Vintage Solutions offers an easy way to digitize and preserve family memorabilia while your clients are already packing their belongings.

Fit & Scan Digitizing Box Sizes

Small 13x10x2

     Can hold at least:

  • 1,500 4x6 photos

  • 6 VHS tapes and 500 4x6 photos.

Medium 15x11x4

     Can hold at least:

  • 2,500 4x6 photo

  • 10 VHS tapes & 700 4x6 photos.

Large 24x14x4

     Can hold at least:

  • 4,200 4x6 photos

  • 15 VHS tapes, 1 photo album & 1,600 4x6 photos.

The Fit&Scan! digitizing box is an all-in-one digitizing solution, taking the guess work out of digitizing family memories.
There is no longer a need to count items that need to be digitized, because what fits in the box gets digitized.
Once digitized, your clients will receive their original memories, DVD sets of all digitized memories and an online link to digitized memories to share and download.
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How It Works

1. Send Us Your Memories

  • Once your Vintage Solutions Fit&Scan! box arrives, pack up your memories.

  • Apply the provided UPS label to the box and tape up the box using the provided shipping tape.

  • Drop off at your local UPS store or drop off location.

2. Digitizing Begins!

  • Once your memories arrived at our office, we will hand sort, clean and hand digitize your memories with care.

  • Once digitizing is complete, we will carefully repack your memories and prepare them for their safe return back to you.

3. Relive, Share & Enjoy

  • Once you receive your original memories back as well as perfectly preserved digital memories, now is time to take advantage of the online link and share your new found memories with family and friends.

  • You will also find in your box, DVD copies of your memories, popcorn and some tissues, for happy tears.

Contact us today to learn how to make a commission while assisting your clients rediscover lost memories.

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