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Alzheimer's is a vicious disease that steals memories and love from those it strikes. The hardest thing about it watching someone you love forget that they love you.

Jaycee McCain (owner) and his husband both have family history of Alzheimer’s and have both seen firsthand how devastating this terrible disease is, losing family members to the disease  with the most recent being in June of 2021. This is why Vintage Solutions has partnered with the Columbus Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and supporting the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

Now until December 2022, Vintage Solutions will be donating 50% of the total sales of all Fit&Scan Digitizing Boxes.

Photos and home movies fade with time and it can be hard to remember the small details of things. Vintage Solutions will help you bring those memories back by digitizing them. Easily share your memories with your loved ones to help keep the memories alive for generations to come.

Vintage Solutions will donate 50% of its Fit&Scan sales to the Walk To End Alzheimer's.


$146.25 will be donated!

$367.72 will be donated!

$274.74 will be donated!