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About Us

Jaycee and his husband own and operate Vintage Solutions, a small business located in Columbus, Ohio and their mission is to help transfer precious memories from analog to digital so they can live on forever. 


Vintage Solutions specializes in providing high-quality digitizing services that ensure old film and photos are safe and sound for generations to come. Their process is simple, fast and reliable, and guarantees that the results will exceed your expectations. 


​ When Jaycee’s grandmother passed away, his family wanted copies of photos, home movies and some of her hand written cook books. Jaycee was considered the "tech" guy in the family so the responsibility fell on him. Vintage Solutions was born shortly after with the goal of helping other families reconnect with the past using current technology.


“I want to help renew memories for families and help bring a sense of peace. There is nothing more special than looking through old photos, seeing a loved one's writing or hearing their voice once more.”

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